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from pure Cotton, Bamboo, Down & Feathers, Anti-dustmite etc..

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  • 25,70 € In Stock

    Neotherm® Plus fiber pillow with double combed cotton outer cover with zip. The Teide pillow is made from Neotherm® Plus fiber filling, an exclusive hollow conjugated siliconized fiber that is extremely fine and soft to touch. Ideal for people of a medium stature who sleep on their back, people of a large stature who sleep on their stomach and people of a...

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  • 20,00 € In Stock

    This pillow feels like down. It is hypo-allergenic and can be washed and tumble dried, it is filled with loose fluffy clusters making it the ultimate shape retaining pillow with 100% Cotton Percale 230 Thread Cambric Cover.

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  • 26,00 € In Stock

    Pillow made from silk-touch microfiber filling and fabric. This pillow is ideal for: people of a medium stature who sleep on their stomach, or for people of a small stature who sleep on their back.

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  • 21,00 € In Stock

    Goose Feather & Down Pillow with high quality for extra soft feeling. Filling: 85% white goose feathers 15% white goose down. This pillow can also be machine washed and tumble dried. This Natural pillows are made from 100% cambric cotton, double stitched and piped casing. 

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  • 30,50 € In Stock

    The cover is what makes these pillows Special, Manufactured from 200 thread per square inch Egyptian Cotton Percale with Non-Allergenic 600 gm. hollowfibre filling. Machine washable.

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  • 53,00 € In Stock

    This pillow is the perfect combination of soft and plump. 80% white goose down and 20% fine feathers on the outer chamber, with a 100% goose feather inner core for firm support. Cover: 100% cambric cotton 233 thread casing Filling: 600gr white goose feather & down Support: Firm

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  • 24,00 € In Stock

    Pillow made from bamboo filling and outer cover with a zip. The Velfont Bamboo pillow is a pillow made of a striped fabric and bamboo filling that ensures great absorbency, softness and natural freshness. Exclusive firmness thanks to the combination of high-quality fibers: bamboo and Neotherm® hollow conjugated siliconized fiber. video

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  • 31,00 € In Stock

    Memory foam pillow with double anti-stress fabric cover with a zip. made with a specially formulated core that enables low firmness while maintaining the rest of the properties of the memory foam. Ideal for people of a medium stature who sleep on their back, people of a large stature who sleep on their stomach and people of a small stature who sleep on...

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  • 47,00 € In Stock

    Extra-high viscoelastic pillow made with double bamboo cover with a zip. Viscoelastic pillow with a soft high-density perforated core with a special formulation and extra height to provide adequate support. This pillow combines cotton with bamboo fabric to obtain a double cover made of 100% natural fabrics that also has an attractive striped design. See...

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  • 32,00 € In Stock

    This pillow combines the natural properties of down with the highest quality microfiber. Being reversible, it is a practical and versatile solution that enables 100% personalized use, simply by turning the pillow. In addition, the outer fabric of the Micro-duvet pillow is 100% down-proof cotton and is made with a double blue and gold trim to differentiate...

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  • 25,00 € In Stock

    This anti-dustmite pillow is made from cotton fabric, filled with high-quality fiber with the Acarsan® anti-dustmite treatment, which is scientifically tested and maintains its anti-allergenic properties after washing. Ideal for people of a medium stature who sleep on their side, and people of a large stature who sleep on their back.

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