Quadrant Pillow Cadí Fiber Neotherm®


Quadrant Cadí de Velfont with double zippered cover, made with extra-soft silk-touch microfiber fabric and a beautiful striped design.

It´s silicone and conjugated Neotherm® hollow fiber filling provides volume, softness, lightness and great recovery capacity.

It´s hygienic and breathable, and very resistant to wear and washing. This quadrant of medium-high firmness.

The Quadrant Pillow Cadí Fiber Neotherm® is a unique pillow that is designed to provide superior comfort and support. This pillow is made with advanced Neotherm® fiber technology, which is a revolutionary material that combines the softness and breathability of natural cotton with the strength and durability of synthetic fibers. The pillow is designed to provide ultimate neck and head support, while its ergonomic shape and design helps to reduce snoring and neck pain. The pillow's unique quilted design provides superior air circulation, which helps to regulate body temperature and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The pillow is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies.
Product Details

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