100% Down Pillow TIBET


Soft and fluffy pillow Made with the most exclusive materials. Natural anti-mite, hypoallergenic treatment and traceability control.

PADDING: 100% Down
DOUBLE COVER: 100% Cotton satin
INNER SHEATH: 100% Downproof Cotton
TOUCH: Extra down
PERIMETER FINISH: Exterior partition

Our 100% Down Pillow TIBET is made of the highest quality down and feathers sourced from Europe. The down is naturally hypoallergenic and provides excellent insulation against the cold. It is then subjected to a strict quality control process that includes washing with a bactericidal treatment, drying at more than 120°C, cooling, dust extraction, sterilization and disinfection. This ensures that our pillow is completely safe and hygienic, and is backed by our CE quality guarantee.
Product Details

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