Artico Duvet 96% Down and 4% feather


Elegant duvet with excellent finishes. Natural anti-dust mite treatment, hypoallergenic and traceability control.

The best system is the “Kassetten”, which consists of frames with interior partitions. They allow the accommodation of the filling throughout the interior of the duvet, even in the seams, thus avoiding cold areas (without filling), in addition they confer uniformity in the distribution of the filling over the entire surface of the duvet.


Filling: 96% Down 4% Feather - FABRIC: 100% Downproof Cotton - CONFECTION: Kassetten - PERIMETER FINISH: Exterior partition

NORDREAM uses in its products, new down made in Europe under the strictest conditions of quality (standards EN 12934 - J.I.S.), hygiene and respect for the environment.

Our products carry an identification number associated with a series of records that allow us to know exactly the origin of the pen and identify its origin, that is, we can find and follow the trace through all the stages of production, transformation and distribution of a certain product .

Product Details

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